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Job: Part time Case Manager

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Title Part time Case Manager
Categories Northern California
Position Type TEMP
Salary $22 – $30/ hr
Location San Francisco
Job Information

Part time Case Manager/ Office of the day- provides person-centered consultation, advocacy, resource information and service coordination for people with developmental disabilities who require more involved and specialized assistance. Hybrid- remote/ office/ community. Hours have some flexibility,

-BA degree and some relevant experience. Prior Regional Center experience is preferred.

Job Duties

♦ Initial Applicant Assessment

  • Meets with the applicant/family/guardian within a 15 working day period and reviews submitted materials
  • Obtain the completed application form from applicant and/or family (or assist in completion of form)
  • Clarify the request for services and the needs of applicant/family
  • Review and analyze available data; identify barriers and opportunities in applicants’ developmental objectives and plans
  • Provide information regarding services available
  • Interview for purposes of obtaining social, emotional, developmental and familial information to form social diagnosis
  • Work with applicants to assess needs, preferences and life choices
  • Confirm any immediate needs and provides referrals for any necessary interventions or services

♦ Eligibility Meeting

  • Prepare Social Assessment report
  • Schedule and coordinate eligibility meetings with team and applicants
  • Obtain necessary information
  • Obtain any additional signed Release of Information forms for additional data base material
  • Submit completed application packet and completed Releases of Information to the Office Assistant – Intake
  • Coordinate assessment team’s completion at the time of eligibility determination
  • Develop initial Person Center Plan for eligible applicants and transfers case to ongoing social worker
  • Provides information and referrals for applicants who are not eligible for agency services

♦ Case Management

  • Develop a plan to meet personal goals
  • Research available community resources and services
  • Ensure that services are provided
  • Obtain or collect information or data for use by interdisciplinary team
  • Coordinate and work with Forensic Social Worker on legal matters
  • Educate applicants/families on available resources and support and on specific policies/programs such as Medicaid
  • Waiver and Institutional Deeming
  • Provide intake services as needed
  • Provide crises management as needed
  • Present case as appropriate to initiate or terminate purchased services
  • Advocacy

 Act as an advocate with applicant/family to assure receipt of entitled services and to assure applicants rights are honored, particularly in relation to SSA/SSI and Medicare

  • Review and ensure that the applicants receive appropriate services from existing community resources
  • Empower applicants and their families to fully participate in coordinating and utilizing the resources available
  • Advocate for applicants as needed in unique circumstances
  • Provide outreach services as assigned
  • Reporting and Administration
  • Maintain applicant records, Case and Title XIX Progress notes as required
  • Complete Special Incident Reports and subsequent follow-up reports as needed
  • Prepare written and verbal reports
  • Miscellaneous paperwork

♦ Organizational Support

  • Participate in staff and other internal meetings and task forces as assigned
  • Participate in community meetings and activities
  • Assist community resources in improving the quality of services to the disabled
  • Identify community service needs or gaps and stimulate the development of such services

♦ Participate in special projects, and assist with additional duties or tasks, as assigned

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