Case Management Supervisor

Position Type: DIRECT HIRE
Salary: $62k – $64k

The Transition Age Youth Full Service Partnership (TAY FSP) Program provides intensive community-based services to 50 young adults (ages 16-25) identified as having the highest mental health-related needs in San Mateo County. The program relies on a diverse staff and innovative program model to effectively meet the needs of this underserved and often marginalized population. Specific supports and services provided by this team include: case management and care coordination, mental health treatment (assessment, therapy, medication management, and psychiatry), family support, crisis prevention and intervention, skill building (independent living, vocational, community safety, and emotional/behavioral), socialization and recreational activities, academic support and coordination, employment exploration, and housing support.

The Case Management Supervisor provides direct supervision of case managers, oversight of the case management component of the program, and coordination of all new referrals. Additionally, this position shares responsibility of client charts and records with Clinical Supervisor; creates, plans and oversees content-specific trainings; facilitates team meetings; creates and implements program procedures and processes; and interfaces with county providers and system of care managers.

Essential Functions

  • Sets strategic goals, create a plan, and leads the process to achieve these goals.
  • Ensures direct reports complete their documentation and required paper work within established timelines, including meeting monthly efficiency as required for the position. Ensure that charts and documentation are organized and prepared for audits by agency, San Mateo County, Medi-Cal, and The Joint Commission.
  • Completes role-specific documentation and paperwork thoroughly and in a timely manner, meeting expected timeframe and productivity requirements.
  • Regards 16-25-year-old as persons with dignity and competence; encourage and mentor staff and county partners in viewing this population as full collaborators in service planning, delivery and evaluation.
  • Effectively initiate, communicate, and collaborate with TAY FSP program leadership on program service delivery and components, training, evaluation and outcomes, new projects and team cohesion.
  • Demonstrates a range of crisis prevention intervention approaches, providing leadership, consultation and training to staff and teams.
  • Anticipate the implication and consequences of situations/ choices and take appropriate action to prepare for possible contingencies; tackle problem by using logical, systematic and strength-based approaches.
  • Attends and participates in all mandatory meetings, including staff meetings, client team meetings, and treatment planning meeting.
  • Understands and values cultural and racial differences, their alternative perspectives on mental illness, help-seeking and alternative healing practices, as well as lifestyles, goals, family, and community life.
  • Consistently and effectively communicates with all team members (young adults, families, colleagues, natural supports, and providers), on an on-going basis, ensuring others have necessary and up-to-date information about client engagement, symptoms and behaviors, and progress towards goals.
  • Completes individualized plans for each assigned client, ensuring goals, interventions, activities and progress are all monitored and documented.
  • Cultivates and maintains a structured independent work schedule that allows accessibility to clients, team members and supervisor while in the field.
  • Completes program and agency-specific documentation to meet San Mateo County, Medi-Cal and The Joint Commission standards.
  • Facilitate a safe and welcoming environment in the workplace, community, and agency vehicles.
  • Maintains confidential health records of young adults in compliance with the agency, EPSDT, and San Mateo County Behavioral Health standards and regulations.
  • Attends and actively participates in 1:1 supervision; enlists support, requests and integrates feedback.
  • Maintains positive work relationships in a respectful and collaborative manner.
  • Collaborate and communicate with internal and external stakeholders, in a manner that promotes: agency mission, vision, and values; agency, region, and area goals; consumer and family satisfaction; and highest quality care.
  • Participate in week-long rotation of Manager On Call (MOC), providing direct support to crisis response workers who are covering the Full Service Partnership After-Hours Crisis Line.

Applied Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree + at least 3 years of experiences in direct services role; at least 2 of these years in a case management or care coordination role with high risk individuals or families.
  • Will consider applicants who have not obtained a Bachelor’s Degree if there is the following experience:
    • At least 6 years of experience in a direct services role; at least 4 of these years in a case management or care coordination role with high risk individuals or families.
    • Experience with at-risk, disenfranchised, and/or marginalized populations.

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