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Job: Support Counselor

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Title Support Counselor
Categories Northern California
Position Type TEMP
Salary $20
Location Hayward
Job Information

The Support Counselor is responsible for the provision of field-based direct services to individuals and their family members in need amongst our programs.  This work will entail all aspects of field-based direct service including needs assessment, carrying out the plan of care, individual counseling and rehabilitation support, crisis support, and referrals/linkages to more long term supports that promote an individual’s wellness.  The Support Counselor will work independently and as part of a team and will manage their own schedule for the outreach, engagement, participant appointments, and extensive local travel to and from a participant or natural support’s home/place of habitation as well as to and from other locations that are pertinent to a participant’s plan of care. The position will adhere to all regulatory requirements for data collection, processing, and reporting for all services related to this role and has specified caseload and productivity/direct service expectations.



  • Provides support and counseling to program participants where they are in the community – in homes, places not met for habitation, and other unique community locations that are untraditional and not office-based.
  • Extensive local travel to include driving alone to and from participant meetings; traveling with participants to teach them how to access public transport, etc.
  • Completes initial contact (phone, outreach, etc.) to new participants, either as part of a team or individually, to assess their initial eligibility and interest in service.  Follows the approved priority system for eligibility.
  • Participates and leads street and other outreach to locate potential participants or to generate program referrals.
  • Participates in ongoing assessment/reassessment visits with current participants on a regularly determined basis according to program standards to determine their continued eligibility and engagement for service.
  • Provides individualized support, counseling, skill-building, and intervention based on the care plan and individual needs of the participant as well as coordinated needs of the program.
  • Provides crisis support to individuals based on emergent needs of the participant as well as coordinated needs of the program.
  • Provides individualized linkages to other services based on the care plan and individual needs of the participants as well as coordinated needs of the program.
  • Responsible for developing community based resources for the participants and actively works to provide a warm hand off to those services.
  • Maintains a defined caseload of participants as indicated by the program design and team model.  Works with all participants in the program flexibly when needed and based on program design.
  • Maintains a complex calendar of appointments with participants, dedicated time for engagement, appointments with other providers and natural supports, etc.
  • Documents all services in to progress notes and billable services according to contract and regulatory guidelines.
  • Maintains filing system following file management procedures and enters all forms/data entry requirements in to electronic system.
  • Completes all paperwork and computer-based documentation (as required) mandated by regulation.
  • Reviews, organizes, audits and maintains participant folders following all procedures.
  • Responsible for data collection and compliance with privacy and security regulations.
  • Meets defined productivity guidelines set forth by the program.
  • Works in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team by providing team coordination and collaboration.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Either 1) An Associate Degree in a Social Science and a minimum of six years experience in mental health or social services OR 2) a Bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or related field and a minimum of four years of experience in mental health or social services, OR 3) a Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or related field and a minimum of two years of experience in mental health or social services required.
  • Use of a computer or electronic platform to document work is required.
  • Experience navigating the social services system personally highly preferred.
  • Experience working in various community settings and navigating unique characteristics of communities.
  • Car is required.


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